Polymer chemistry in the center of Europe

Our newly established Laboratory of Polymer Synthesis and Biomaterials within the Department of Physical and Macromolecular Chemistry, Charles University Prague, Czech Republic, focuses on the synthesis of novel functional polymer materials for biomedical applications.

With our highly interdisciplinary approach, we combine research topics from different areas, such as polymer and organic chemistry, biochemistry or medicine. The main focus of our research is the development of highly functional polymer materials using modern synthetic methods, such as photocatalyzed controlled radical polymerization or cationic ring-opening polymerization of diverse monomers. Using such methods, we can obtain a wide range of well-defined polymers with different architectures (e.g., linear, branched, self-assembling block copolymers). In particular, we aim for stimuli-responsive polymers that change their physical properties based on an external stimulus (e.g., light, mechanical strain, change of temperature, pH). These „smart“ polymers are then used in biomedical applications, such as the preparation of drug delivery systems or cell-mimicking nanoreactors. The biological testing of our systems is realized in collaboration with several biological institutes in Prague or abroad.

Student positions available / Hledáme nové studenty

We are looking for motivated students at all levels (Bc., Mgr., Ph.D.). Please contact Ondrej Sedlacek (lab. 312) for more details.
Previous experience with organic or polymer chemistry is expected from prospective Ph.D. students (not from undergraduates).